Valentine’s Cake Topper


  • The perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day cake.
  • Made from from ruby red acrylic
  • Features a floating “Happy Valentine’s Day” message
  • 10cm wide x 9cm high
  • 70mm stick length
  • Additional variations possible on request, please get in touch


The perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day cake. Our Valentine’s Cake Topper is made from ruby red acrylic and features a smaller love heart cut out of a bigger one and the message “Happy Valentine’s Day” floating in the middle.

Valentine’s cake topper size: 10cm wide x 9cm high.

The stick is roughly 70cm long so there’s plenty of length to vary the height that the paddle sits above the top of the cake.

If you’d like a variation to this design then please get in touch and we will modify it to suit your needs.


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